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The path of Stillness is the path into the perception of Truth. For Inner Peace and Self-Realization to become complete, the thinking mind has to be dissolved into the Heart. In this process the thinking mind’s unceasing play of desire, aversion and confusion dissolves, so we can realize the great Wisdom Mind.

The Wisdom Mind is capable of guiding us through life much better than the thinking mind. It is the mind of peace and of clarity.

But the thinking mind and its agent, the ego, will not relinquish control easily. In the process of living we have constructed our false ego identity, which is attached to its fears and hopes, its pains and pleasures, and its incessant thinking of past and future which robs it of the aliveness of being present in our lives. We cling to this confused way of being because it seems it is all we know.

But we know more. This knowing may have come as a subtle sense of peace or contentment, a moment of beauty in nature or in the arms of a loved one, or as a sense of oneness. However it came, it has infused us with a knowing of this different dimension, a knowing that reminds us that we have further to go, that there is another shore of reality that is forever beckoning us.

Through this knowing we recognize we are on the path to our completion. The purpose of the Skills for Awakening is to help you travel this path to yourself. There are countless traps and dead-end roads along this path. With the Skills you can avoid many of them. The Skills can speed up your journey tremendously. The effect of traveling quickly is that you will experience less pain.

The traditional ways of deepening your capacity for stillness are meditation, spending time in retreat, contemplative prayer, and so on. They have been practiced for thousands of years and are as beneficial today as ever.

In the system of the Skills for Awakening we add The Work of Byron Katie to accelerate the process of bringing the mind to peace. It gives us the wonderful ability to become free of stressful thoughts and beliefs.
By becoming still we gain clarity and perspective on ourselves. Our perception increasingly deepens and we are able to see the knots of the mind for what they are. This process of increasing inner awareness dissolves the inner obstacles and sets us free.

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Freedom from stress, pain and suffering

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"People and situations do not cause you pain.
Your thoughts and emotions about them do.
You can change those reactions.
This is the key to freedom."
- Ram Giri