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How You Can Use the Skills for Awakening to Overcome Your Problems and Realize Your Full Enlightened Potential…

  • A Fundamental Map of the Human Experience
  • The guardians who refuse entry to the Heart
  • How to begin using the Skills
  • The Driving Force to Success
  • How to start

~ A Fundamental Map of the Human Experience

The Core of our being is the Heart Center. It is the Seat of the Soul. It is the Sacred Place which every being seeks to reach, consciously or unconsciously. From this Center we project our world.

In your Heart, as in every human Heart, lies the potential for all the love that is possible. This is the nature of the Heart. How little of it we are using!

When the Heart is open you are at peace; you can taste unconditional love, and an inner, unshakable security which is independent of your circumstances and your life situation.

An Open Heart is True Happiness. An Open Heart is True Freedom.

– The Nature of the Heart is to be Open and Radiant –

The entrance to this Sacred Space of the Heart is guarded by two powerful guardians. They are the protectors of this sacred space and will refuse entry to anyone who is not prepared to live in the Sacred Space of Unconditional Love.

You may be able to get past them for a moment every now and then. You may fall in love, experience an epiphany or a moment of profound peace – but if you do not yet qualify to live in this sacred space permanently, they will find you and throw you out again.

Then the honeymoon is over, the epiphany past, and the moment of peace a mere memory. And once more you will find yourself in outer darkness and yearn to find your way back to love, back to yourself.

If you want to do more then visit, if you want to live permanently in this sacred space, then you have to deal with these guardians.

~ The guardians who refuse entry to the Heart are your stress-producing thoughts and emotions.

PathYou cannot get rid of them and you cannot overpower them. You have to befriend them. This is how you will gain free entrance to the sacred space of yourself.

Your stress-producing thoughts and stressful emotions are the true cause of what burdens you. The Skills for Awakening are an uncomplicated, easy-to-practice and highly effective way to dissolve the cause of most problems.

The Skills empower you to:

These core Skills are supported by

  • The cultivation of Stillness through meditation, retreat and contemplative prayer, and
  • The art of Devotion through a variety of devotional practices.

~ How to begin using the Skills for Awakening

It’s best to begin with just one Skill. Use it for a while until your feel comfortable with it and have a certain level of mastery. Then, if you want, add another skill.

Each Skill on its own has the power to liberate you. Use the Skills that work best for you. This is determined by your personal preferences and the nature of your challenges.

The Skills for Awakening are not a magical solution. They are a sophisticated way of practice. If you practice the Skills, your progress may be very fast at times, or it may be gradual, but it will be inevitable.

By practicing the Skills you will inevitably be able to shed your burdens and become able to live increasingly in the Sacred Space of the Open Heart.

~ The Driving Force to Success

In order to succeed on this journey to Self-realization, three factors are necessary. You must have

  • A clear view of your Goal
  • Skillful Means to approach the Goal
  • A community of peers to support you on your journey

Your goal is what attracts you the most. It does not matter whether you call it freedom, peace, love, God, Union, Self-realization or by any other name.

What matters greatly is the focus and passionate intensity you bring to this quest. Remember the guardians are very powerful. To overcome their stress-producing traits will require patience, commitment, and a strong desire to reach your goal.

Skillful Means are the methods and techniques that were given to us by those who have traveled this path before us. Without their help we could not even know that our goal and a path to it exist. The Skills make the traveling possible, allow us to find shortcuts and avoid the many dead-end roads we can get lost in.

The community of peers, our spiritual family, supports us. We may lose sight of the goal, but our friends will remind us. We may not have many skills, but our friends will share them with us and support us in using them. To have a spiritual family is of supreme importance.

~ How to start:

Ask yourself what aspect of your experience is predominant:

  • If you have a strong yearning to enter the Open Space of the Heart, begin with HeartSourcing
  • If you are most aware of the challenges of stressful emotions, begin with Open Attention
  • If it is stress-producing thoughts that mire you down in internal and external conflicts, begin with The Work of Byron Katie

Good traveling!

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– Alcoholics Anonymous


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"People and situations do not cause you pain.
Your thoughts and emotions about them do.
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