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Life has its challenges – that is inevitable. How we encounter them takes us either into freedom and peace, or it intensifies our unhappiness, our bondage, our struggle.

Our upbringing does not provide us with good skills and our conditioning makes us unwittingly repeat our cycles of suffering and confusion. This is unnecessary and can be overcome through skillful practice that can free you from the roots of your problems and enable you to…

Live from the Core of your Being


There is a resource in all of us – a state of sublime awareness – that offers us tremendous healing and courage. We call it “the spiritual Heart,” or “the Self.” It is the central place of balance, harmony and freedom in us, our true identity. Yet hardly anyone knows how to use the tremendous power of this profoundly inspiring presence.

To live permanently with an open, unburdened Heart is the supreme state of happiness. You have tasted that in your best moments. Then the mind is clear and the emotions in harmony. You are a free soul. With dedication and practice it is possible for you to reach this state.

The central focus of our approach is to awaken the latent capacity of your Heart. It is the cornerstone to true and deep healing and spiritual awakening. We invite you to explore this possibility.

As it is, the heart is burdened. It is encased by layers of stress, anxiety, conflicts, grief, illness and the like. It is not enough to ease these burdens for a while, or to learn to manage them better. If you want to be free of suffering and awaken spiritually, you need to free yourself of these burdens.

The Skills for Awakening give you the means to remove what burdens you and be free.

The true causes of suffering are known. Therefore they can be removed.

  • The obstructions around “the Heart” – your true being – begin with stressful thoughts and beliefs, confusion, judgments and painful memories.
  • These in turn develop into negative emotions like fear, anger, sadness, worry, depression, guilt, etc.
  • Negative emotions drive hurtful behaviors, such as conflicts in relationships, low functioning, self-sabotage, loss of energy and more.
  • Finally this succession culminates in creating physical problems, like unnecessary illness, weakness, loss of potential and income, divorce, business failure, and more. These of course in turn reinforce stressful thoughts and emotions and the vicious cycle continues.

The Master Key to Healing and Freedom is to remove these obstructions. This will bring you exceptional Functioning, Fulfillment, and spiritual Liberation. We invite you to the freedom the Skills for Awakening can bring to you.


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"People and situations do not cause you pain.
Your thoughts and emotions about them do.
You can change those reactions.
This is the key to freedom."
- Ram Giri