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Full Aliveness with HeartSourcing


So often our hearts are burdened and closed. This is a pain comparable with not being able to breathe; only the heart has infinite patience and tolerates what the body could never endure.

As much as you love yourself, that’s as much
as you will be able to love another
and allow yourself to be loved

– Krishna Das


Do you remember the experience of an open and jubilant heart? It transports you into a different reality, into a place of bliss. Do you want to live there more often? Eventually, do you want to live there all the time? Or are you content with visiting there only once in a while?

If you have a yearning for love you can begin to enter the core of your being and to drink there the water of life. HeartSourcing will show you how.

The core of your Heart is the true source of all happiness, real power and love. All true and lasting happiness is experienced in that Heart and from there it can radiate into the world.

HeartSourcing is the way to come to enjoy what we’ve all been looking for.


Awakening to Your True Self

At the core of your Being you are brilliant, immensely capable and already completely free. Beyond your surface identity (the ego) there is a Presence in you that is always at peace, filled with profound kindness and unlimited wisdom. To live out of this core-state of your Being, “the Self or spiritual Heart,” is everyone’s deepest yearning.

The purpose of our approach is to help you shed what burdens you, in order to realize this state of freedom and transcendent happiness, the awareness of your true Self.

You have already experienced glimpses of this great potential in past moments of joy, tranquility, pure love and kindness, or when you felt most fully alive. The challenge now becomes, “How can I live in this exquisite state all the time?”

Our approach is integral in that it offers some of the best practices from the contemporary and ancient wisdom traditions. Most vitally, we show you how to use the essence of unconditional love that rests in the core of your Heart to help you shed the burdens of self-criticism, self-sabotage and self-hate and support your emotional and overall healing. This is the magic of HeartSourcing.

To support this inner blossoming and unfolding, we help you to systematically overcome what burdens you and deal with your challenges in a way so that each “problem” becomes a step on the ladder to your awakening.

If you want to stop the old conditioned reflex of trying to escape from your problems (and thereby recycling them endlessly), but rather become free of them and live increasingly in an open awareness from the core of our being, the Skills for Awakening can help you.


The Most Amazing Thing in the World

For thousands of years we have lived on this planet and have yearned to be happy. And we have always looked for that fulfillment to come from something outside of us, from a lover, a parent, a child, or from material riches, power and pleasure.

But whenever anyone has experienced a sense of happiness and fulfillment, it has always arisen from their own hearts. It is an internal event. It is always an internal event.

Why have we not known to look for what we are seeking where it can actually be found? Because we are asleep; we are in a trance state of confusion that makes us think and behave in ways that don’t serve our deepest desires.

When we make our love and happiness dependent on the people or situations in our life, our love will be needy. There will always be a tinge of fear, because we know that what or who we love will not be there some day. Our love will not be free.

HeartSourcing gives you the ability to find love at its true source. You will find the independence of love, the internal mastery of the heart, the way to fulfillment that is without fear. This is the essence of happiness.

When you learn to become both the giver and receiver of love, there is no limit on the ability of love you can share. There is no longer a concern if you are getting love back because you have discovered the true source in you. Instead of fearing that you won’t get enough, you’ll be inspired to free yourself of what closes the heart, stressful thoughts and emotions. And as you get increasingly free you will give more and more because by giving love we receive more. This is the miracle of the Heart.

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Skillsforawakening - Ramana Maharshi

“The Heart is the only Reality.
The mind is only a transient phase.
To remain as one’s Self is to enter the Heart.”

Ramana Maharshi


A meditation on the Heart

Freedom from stress, pain and suffering

How Love Heals

"People and situations do not cause you pain.
Your thoughts and emotions about them do.
You can change those reactions.
This is the key to freedom."
- Ram Giri