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You say you have problems. Focus for a moment on where they manifest inside you. Feel the place of anger, fear, confusion, shyness, grief, or conflict. When you are in the grip of such emotions and thoughts they absorb all your power – can you see that?

Where your attention goes, your power goes. “Problems” are enormous power drains. To have problems means you are their victim.

Now I invite you to look at your problems as challenges. Feel that. There is some empowerment here, isn’t there? Now the same issues are there, but there is something you can do. A challenge isn’t hopeless; it is something you can learn to overcome.

But what do you do? You already know that trying to escape or hide from them, to fight them, to complain and indulge are hopeless. You have to have a better way. This way is to face them skillfully so you can set yourself free.

With this practice, transcending your issues becomes a real experience. You can feel it in your whole being. Then you begin to know that what you once saw as your problems are really opportunities to set yourself free.

As that freedom from the roots of your suffering becomes known, you come to realize that anything that can happen to you – including “problems” – are truly gifts. Why? Because you have now the skills to dispel the trances of unhappiness forever. This is true empowerment.


This inner work is profound. It takes focus and intention. Unless you have a true and keen desire to break free of your conditioning for conflict and pain, they will keep you under their spell.

That is why you need a true commitment to your freedom. Self-effort is the key to liberation. With a clear goal, with the right guidance, skills and support, your inner work will enable you to open you up to receive grace, and it is grace that transforms you.

As you realize how real this awakening is, as it liberates you step by step, a true and unwavering faith in your own highest potential will grow in your heart.


As you remove the obstructions from your mind, emotions, behavior and relationships, you become increasingly free. In this freedom the limitless Source of goodness shines in the sacredness of your Heart.

You discover your true nature, the Self, vast as the sky that is never diminished by the movement of clouds; deep and eternally peaceful as the depth of the ocean that is not troubled by the movement of waves.

And in your core shines your Heart like the sun, brilliantly illuminating everything in your world.

How we do it

To help you on this magnificent journey to yourself, Ram Giri’s approach is to mentor his students in one-to-one or small group sessions (satsang). This is the way the spiritual impulse (and all deep and worthwhile learning) has been supported for thousands of years: in close and intimate relationship with a teacher and satsang.

Guided by your personal situation and needs, he offers you insights, support and coaching in practices from the contemporary and ancient wisdom traditions, including (but going considerably beyond) the skills of modern psychology.

These skills include HeartSourcing, Self-Inquiry, Open Attention and Presence, Meditation, Devotion and Compassion, The Work of Byron Katie, Mindfullness, Selfless Service, and much more.

To learn more go to:

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Skillsforawakening - Ramana Maharshi

“Unless one is happy, one cannot bestow happiness on others. Happiness is born of Peace and can reign only when there is no disturbance. Disturbance is due to thoughts, which arise in the mind. When the (thinking) mind is absent there will be perfect Peace.”
Ramana Maharshi


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"People and situations do not cause you pain.
Your thoughts and emotions about them do.
You can change those reactions.
This is the key to freedom."
- Ram Giri