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Open Attention 7 Steps

7 Steps to Emotional Harmony

By Ram Giri Braun, Ph.D.

We have been at war with our negative emotions. It is a war we can only lose. When feelings arise we experience them in the body. We unconsciously identify these uncomfortable sensations as a threat and automatically try to escape or try to ‘get rid’ of them – fight or flight.

But fleeing or fighting a part of us is hopeless. It leads to repression, distraction and the constant recycling of our pain. Instead we can educate the mind to understand that negative emotions are ‘a part of us that needs help’ and give them the help they need.
This is Open Attention.

No special abilities are required for this practice.  It is easy to learn and you can weave it effortlessly into your day. It becomes a joyful way of dissolving emotional knots and gaining emotional mastery.

Open Attention

1. Tune in to the body sensation created by the emotion.
2. Identify the exact location of the body sensation.
3. Open to this ‘part of you that needs help.’ Let the mind become steady.
4. Bring your Attention deeply into the body sensation, using imagery or the breath.
5. Maintain Open Attention and come fully into the Now.
6. Notice what happens to the sensation. It either:
a.   Dissolves
b.   Moves from place to place, or
c.    Stays steady
7. Send your Heart Essence into the sensation. Visualize or feel your Heart Center and imagine the pure essence of your Heart flowing into the stressful body sensation. This is either a flow of nectar or a radiation of light and warmth. You are now the Giver and Receiver of Love at the same time.  Notice that this love is completely safe. Let yourself go into this internal healing through unconditional love as deeply as you can.

From now on recognize all emotional disturbances as a welcome opportunity to find harmony, to practice and deepen self-love and to awaken to your true essence.

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