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Ram Giri is a spiritual teacher with a background in psychology. He works personally with a small number of motivated individuals. This is a rare and highly effective combination.

His approach is not therapy. It is not an attempt to repair the illusion of the ego’s struggles, which can only bring temporary relief and is always doomed to fail in the end. Instead he supports your awakening to your true, already fulfilled and enlightened identity, your true Self.

This awakening alone can bring true peace, fulfillment and love.

Through satsang, online courses, private sessions, and in his mentorship program he guides his students to heal and transform their lives in fundamental ways.

On this path of awakening the obstacles of our lower nature and our conditioning will surface so we can transcend them.

This process of clearing your being is wonderful and profound, but it can have its difficulties, as you certainly know. Ram Giri’s work is focused on helping you find the shortcuts and to avoid unnecessary pain.

“You are aware of the grace of the enlightened Self, the true Source of lasting happiness. But your awareness of that Source is often obstructed. That is why you suffer.

In order to be free and to resolve what ails you, you must accomplish two things:  

  • Awaken to the already present grace of your true being, your spiritual Heart, and
  • Free yourself of the obstructions that cause stress in the mind, emotional pain, behaviors that end up hurting you, relationship conflicts, illness and more.

When you learn to harness the gifts and the light of your true Self, it will enable you to permanently transcend your challenges. I love these revolutionary ways of freeing us of our burdens, because I see their real effect every day.

Be assured that the difficult situations you face are not insurmountable. They have come to you to bring you the opportunity to overcome perhaps deeply rooted karmic conditioning.

This means that your problems ARE actually the path to your freedom. You have not failed or lost your way. This moment in your life IS your path and you are made to walk it successfully.

I see my relationship with my students as a sacred commitment to help them find the fastest way to resolve their challenges through the awareness and the specific practices their situation demands.”

Ram Giri’s approach…

  • considers the whole of what you are: body, mind, emotions, and spirit
  • uses some of the most current methods to set you free
  • is fundamentally grounded in the contemporary and ancient wisdom traditions
  • and most importantly, it recognizes and uses the universal healing power of unconditional love at every step of the way.

Join Ram Giri for a one-on-one session and see how this approach can enhance your life. 

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“Ram Giri is devoted to love, to what works, to peace and all the people on this earth.”
– Byron Katie, best-selling author of “Loving What Is”

“Ram Giri’s deep work takes you into your true identity and your heart relationship to other beings.  He doesn’t think he’s just a therapist and that frees you to be who you are, not just a patient.”
– Ram Dass, author of “Be Here Now” and “Be Love Now”

“…the impact was enormous.  You changed my life.”
– Gary Feinberg, Miami, Fl

“Ram Giri gives you just what works, no drama, fluff or pretense. It’s totally authentic to me, actually creating more freedom.”
– Cristina Henry


A meditation on the Heart

Freedom from stress, pain and suffering

How Love Heals

"People and situations do not cause you pain.
Your thoughts and emotions about them do.
You can change those reactions.
This is the key to freedom."
- Ram Giri