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Open Attention

Emotional Harmony


When you experience emotional stress it is a sign that you are at war with yourself and your world. We all usually blame external forces for the way we feel, but the truth is that our negative feelings are inside us. It is there, inside us, that we need to resolve them if we are serious about our desire for harmony.

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We are attached to finding fault with the people and circumstances in our lives. As long as we think they are to blame we can’t let ourselves off the hook. We don’t have to take responsibility for our own feelings and we don’t have to change. Only when our will to change becomes greater than our fear of change we have the opportunity to end our suffering.

We gain the will to change from two sources. The first source is suffering. This is the long and difficult path and it comes to everyone, unasked. Suffering matures us, yes, but the price is high and the change is slow. A better way is to make the conscious decision to change through the insight that not changing will bring only more pain.

Being proactive in your desire for change can save you much pain. When you make that decision with great heart-felt determination, and practice skillful approaches to self-transformation, you can see your life improving quickly. That is what we are doing here.

Skillful approaches are primarily about practice. Only consistent practice has the power to dissolve self defeating patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior which we have built for life times. Regular practice has the power to set you free. As you become more free, higher knowledge will come on its own account. You don’t need to read it in a book. True knowledge can only be read in the book of life.

You can dissolve stressful emotional patterns directly with Open Attention.

With Open Attention (also known as ‘Presence’) you connect with your feelings directly to allow the internal healing intelligence of the body-mind to dissolve them. And it does not only dissolve the feeling of the present moment, but also the unconscious compulsion to repeat the same cycles of suffering over and over again (the pain body).

Through this practice you can overcome the habit of being in conflict within yourself. This leads to emotional harmony.

Openness and Attention are the fundamental building blocks of love. Open Attention is therefore the conscious application of the power of love for healing.


Love is the best medicine.

Skillsforawakening - Testimonial 02“When something bothers me I almost automatically start using Open Attention and the stress goes away. I can physically feel it. I don’t have the burning in the pit of my stomach. Instead there is warmth. The stress just doesn’t stay long.”
Gary Goldstein, Florida, USA


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"People and situations do not cause you pain.
Your thoughts and emotions about them do.
You can change those reactions.
This is the key to freedom."
- Ram Giri