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Although this is not a Yoga (asana) retreat, Durga will offer a daily Hatha Yoga class you can join. It will include Pranayama (breath work), Asana (physical work), Mantra practice and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). This will take place in the meeting room/lounge of our retreat home. During our retreat, this space will be fully private to our use. If you want to do your Yoga, or Tai chi, or Qigong practice individually, you can do so in this room during the times there isn’t a guided class going, or in your own bedroom if you prefer. Please don’t do yoga asana or other physical practice is in the ashram/temple grounds.


A meditation on the Heart

Freedom from stress, pain and suffering

How Love Heals

"People and situations do not cause you pain.
Your thoughts and emotions about them do.
You can change those reactions.
This is the key to freedom."
- Ram Giri