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By the beginning of September, the monsoon (rainy season) is generally over and the fall/winter season gradually begins. During the day the temperature is very pleasant, blue sky with occasional showers. The temperature drops gradually during the afternoon. The evenings are cool, perfect for a light sweater or shawl. It will get a little cooler towards the end of the month. We suggest you to bring a umbrella for those rainy days.

In our plan retreats during May/June the weather is pleasant and warm. The early mornings are cool and the sun comes up over the mountains at around 10. Remember, we are in the mountains, so always bring something to keep warm.


A meditation on the Heart

Freedom from stress, pain and suffering

How Love Heals

"People and situations do not cause you pain.
Your thoughts and emotions about them do.
You can change those reactions.
This is the key to freedom."
- Ram Giri